About Us

Who we are.

We are a small female veteran own, very personable company in small town USA who started out as a love for all things RINGS.  

You see as a female soldier you were limited in the amount and kind of jewelry you could wear while in uniform.  So my go to pieces where always rings.  I would change my rings and earrings daily in order to present some kind of fashion while still maintaining the Army standard of dress. I kept my pieces minimal but different each day.  This developed into finding new pieces each time I received my pay.  I was always shopping for something different from the last one.  

I not only shop in the commissary but local shops.  Small local shops where my favorite place to shop.  

I remember when I first arrived in Germany,  I could not wait to in process and get out on the local economy and check out the very different shops from what I used to.   I was in heaven.  

We started the mid-year 2013 with unique one of a kind rings.  These rings became hard to locate and we decided to branch out to more unique as well as modern and trendy jewelry.  

We still seek out one of a kind rings as well as other pieces.  If you see one of a kind piece here, don't hesitate to get it because it will not be here when you return.

Thanks for stopping by and shopping with us.